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This form is for individuals wishing to join Catholic Super. Please read the PDS before joining and if you need help, call our Service Centre on 1300 655 002.



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We use this to calculate your default insurance cover for you (if eligible).

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Your Tax File Number

While not compulsory, it’s a good idea to give us your tax file number (TFN) when you join, because:

  • you won’t pay more tax than you need to on your benefits and contributions
  • we’ll be able to accept after-tax contributions from you
  • it’ll be much easier for you to consolidate your super if you want to.



Please click on the below 'Providing your Tax File Number to Catholic Super' for more information on the law that authorises us to collect your TFN

Don’t have your TFN handy right now? You can skip this step by clicking ‘continue’ and provide it to us later. 

Providing your Tax File Number to Catholic Super

In line with the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993, and various taxation acts, the Trustee of Catholic Super is authorised to ask for your tax file number. The Trustee will only use your tax file number for lawful purposes. These purposes may change in the future if there are changes to legislation. The Trustee may pass your tax file number to any other super fund or account to which your super is transferred in the future unless you request in writing that this not be done.

By providing your tax file number:

  • the Trustee will be able to accept all types of contributions made by or for you (some limits may apply)
  • you can avoid paying tax at a higher rate than would otherwise apply on your contributions
  • you can avoid paying tax at a higher rate than would otherwise apply on your super benefit
  • it will be easier for you to find your super in the future and ensure that you receive all of your super benefits when you retire.

Choosing not to provide your tax file number is not an offence. However, if you don’t provide your tax file number, now or later:

  • the Trustee will only be able to accept contributions made for you by your employer. No other contributions, for example after-tax contributions, can be accepted
  • you may pay more tax on contributions made for you by your employer. In some circumstances, you may be able to claim back this additional tax, however time limits, fees and other rules may apply
  • you may pay more tax on your super benefit than you would otherwise (although you can claim this back when you lodge your tax return).

Account Features

Investing your super

For now, we’ll invest your contributions in our default MySuper investment option, which invests in a mix of growth assets such as shares and property, and defensive assets such as fixed interest and cash.

We also offer a range of different investment options to suit different risk appetites. Once your account is set up, you’ll be able to change how your money is invested at any time by logging in to our secure online member portal – Member Online.

Read our guide on How we invest your money to find out more about our investment options.


Catholic Super provides death, total and permanent disablement (TPD) and income protection (IP) insurance cover. The cover is subject to eligibility and other terms and conditions. Please read the PDS and Insurance in your super guide carefully for full details around the cover we provide. 

Employment status

Please select one of the following options:

I am currently not employed

I am currently self employed

I am employed and working in the transport industry

I am employed and working in an industry other than transport

Insurance choices

If you join Catholic Super as an employer-sponsored member, you may be eligible to receive default insurance cover for death, TPD and IP cover automatically when your super account balance reaches $6,000 or more and you are aged 25 years or older. This cover is subject to you receiving an employer contribution within the first 120 days of joining Catholic Super. Once you’ve met the above age and balance conditions, your cover will commence from the date we receive the next employer contribution made for you. Insurance premiums for any cover will be deducted from your super account.

The level of default cover is generally:

  • age based death and TPD cover – see PDS for insured amounts
  • a fixed amount of $3,000 per month of IP cover with a benefit period of up to 2 years and a waiting period of 90 days. Please note that you are not eligible for default IP cover if you are working in the transport industry.

You can choose to opt into cover earlier. Your welcome letter will provide more details.

You can also choose to opt out of any cover that may apply by ticking the box below

I’d like to opt out of cover

Please select from above insurance options or opt out if you don't require insurance cover

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Please take a moment to read and acknowledge the statements below before we open your new account.

I understand I’ll be bound by the provisions of the Trust Deed and Rules which govern the operation of Catholic Super.

In giving the responses I’ve provided in this form, I acknowledged that I’ve read and understood the following documents:

I am not applying for, intending to apply for and have not been paid a TPD or terminal illness benefit from any Australian superannuation fund or life insurance policy, otherwise I am not eligible for any cover.

Please check all checkboxes


I understand by providing Catholic Super with my email and/or mobile number, the Trustee is able to provide information such as annual reports, member statements, exit statements and notices of any material changes or occurrence of significant events electronically, rather than in paper form. I understand if I prefer to receive notification by post, I can change my preferences in my account online or by contacting Catholic Super. 

Welcome to Catholic Super!

Here’s a summary of the information you’ve given us. We’ll also send you an email confirming your account details.

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Other phone number

Date of birth

Investment options

We’ll invest your super contributions in the default MySuper option. After you receive your welcome email, you can update your investments at any time. 

See our  How we invest your money guide to find out more about the investment options we offer.

Insurance cover

If you haven’t already done so, after joining Catholic Super most members will have the opportunity to opt in to receive a default level of insurance cover or wait until they become eligible to automatically receive this cover. 

See our Insurance in Your Super guide to find out more.

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