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To join Guild Super, please read the GuildSuper Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and then complete the details below to set up your membership account.
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You will be eligible for Default Death, Total & Permanent Disablement and Income Protection insurance cover. You can apply to increase cover any time after joining.

You will not be eligible for Default Death, Total & Permanent Disablement and Income Protection insurance cover. However, you can apply for cover any time after joining.

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I understand that as a member of GuildSuper I will be bound by the provisions of the Trust Deed and further declare that:

  1. I understand that I cannot receive a benefit from GuildSuper until retirement, except in special circumstances in accordance with superannuation law.
  2. I have read the PDS and the Guides which include further important information about GuildSuper.
  3. I accept that the Trustee, unless otherwise stated, nor any of its subsidiary or associated companies, nor any underlying investment manager nor their subsidiary or associated companies, guarantees the performance of, or repayment of capital from GuildSuper or GuildSuper's investment options.
  4. I declare that I have read and understood the information in Section 8 of the PDS, and the Insurance Guide, in relation to insurance cover. I understand that, if eligible, I will be granted Default units of Death, Total and Permanent Disablement and Income Protection insurance cover depending on my age and that insurance costs are determined according to my occupation. To update my occupation, I can complete an Update your Occupational Classification form.
  5. I understand that any insurance cover is subject to the insurer's terms and conditions.
  6. I have read and understood the Privacy Statement and I consent to my personal information being collected and used by GuildSuper in accordance with this.
  7. If I have disclosed personal information about any other person:
    1. I confirm that I am authorised to disclose to you personal information about that person,
    2. I consent to its use for the purposes shown in the Privacy Statement, and
    3. I consent to disclosure of that personal information to (and obtaining personal information about that person from) other parties, including those shown in the Privacy Statement, for any of these purposes.
  8. I acknowledge that the Trustee may use my email address and/or mobile phone number to send me information, including the PDS and marketing material digitally. This information may be sent by email with an attachment or may include a link to a website from where it can be downloaded. I note that should I wish to receive communications, including statements via mail rather than email, I can do so at any time by calling the Member Services Team or by logging into my account and changing my preferred form of communication.
  9. I agree to GuildSuper using my Tax File Number and other personal information to search the Australian Taxation Office's database to locate any other super accounts on my behalf. I understand that if any ATO held money is found - which includes unclaimed super, low income super contributions, superannuation holding accounts, government contributions and super guarantee contributions that are in my name, it will automatically be transferred over to my GuildSuper account. And, I will be notified of all results, including if any lost super accounts are found. I understand that this consent is ongoing until I change it.