The Industry SuperFund for the people who keep Australia moving.

Please select the insurance group that best describes you - it will determine how much your cover costs. The insurance groups are:

  • Group 1 Default - Includes people who work in a dangerous occupation such as truck, bus and courier drivers, forklift drivers, warehouse workers, crane operators, ramp agents and freight handlers (as well as those whose occupation we don’t know about).
  • Group 1 Manual - Includes people who do not work in an occupation considered dangerous and do not meet the definition of Group 2 Non-manual or Group 3 Professional.
  • Group 2 Non-manual - You work at least 75% of the time in an office environment, and you perform only non-manual duties.
  • Group 3 Professional - You work 100% of the time in an office in a sedentary capacity, and you earn a salary greater than $100,000 per annum (or pro rata equivalent if not working full time), and you have an accredited higher education qualification or are eligible to belong to a recognised professional body.


I have downloaded and read Product Disclosure Statement and the Financial Services Guide.

I declare that I have read and carefully considered the questions in this application and all answers provided are true and correct.

I am aware of the terms and conditions for insurance cover (including defined terms) as summarised in the PDS and Insurance Guide and acknowledge that the terms and conditions apply to me.

I agree to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information by the Fund and the insurer as set out in the Fund’s Privacy Policy.

I apply to become a member of TWUSUPER. If I am admitted as a member I acknowledge and agree that I will be bound by the Trust Deed and rules that govern TWUSUPER.